When you get rid of your garbage it could be:

but ultimately it never disappears...

...and is "garbage" an universal or subjective category?

This website is in Bulgarian and you are currently reading its English summary. The website is a game platform called Ko64eto - a chat jargon for the Bulgarian word “кошчето” [koşčeto] meaning “the (garbage) can”. The game part is located at http://razdeli.ko64eto.com - in Bulgarian reads "separate the garbage". It is a simplified simulation of the work at a separation facility. In the social part (http://izhvarli.ko64eto.com, "throw out the garbage") everyone could throw out a piece of garbage and watch where others choose to separate it in the game for recycling.

Throwing out garbage is intended as both a form of challenge and expression for players. By giving them channeled opportunities to contribute to the gameplay development, users are given both easily accessible and artistically unlimited opportunity to generate content. They are given the options to describe their contributions visually, textually and semantically. None of these contributions is mandatory, allowing for submission of even only anonymous ideas.

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